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Playing Pinball is a lot of fun. Elaine and I do it ever few days. It’s fun to play hard, cheer on your friends, and just enjoy life. Doing something and staying cool in summer and warm in the winter. Enjoy the 80’s every weekend!

Links to AZ Places:

Starfighters Arcade:
Voted the best arizona Arcade for 2018!

Starfighters Arcade Website

Starfighters Arcade Facebook sm

Level 1 Arcade Bar- Gilbert Arizona Website
Level 1 Arcade / Bar Facebook Sm

Facebook SmAtomic Age Modern – Bi Weekly Pinball Tournaments- Mesa Arizona


Multiball Mondays @ (Hop Central- Chandler, AZ)Player One Arcade Website – Surprise, AZ

Player One Arcade
Danger Zone Arcade Website

Danger Zone Arcade Facebook Sm

Ready Player One Arcade Glendale, AZ (Inside Jesse James Comics Facebook Sm

Electric Bat Arcade Games + Events Website

The Electric Bat Arcade, Tempe, AZ Facebook Sm

Play More Pinball AZ
(Find where to play and compete all around Arizona)

Pinball Map Websites and APP’s



Pindigo Logo
Pindigo APP (Its a Social App for Pinball)

Excel Logo
an Excel Spreadsheet that can accompany the Pindigo App. (This sheet designed by yours truly “Jason Hecht”) I enjoy using this for looking up my Pindigo scores a lot quicker. Printing them out will save phone battery etc.. especially if you are at a tradeshow or in the middle of a pinball tournament) Using the sheet allows the user to keep only their top scores accessible in your back pocket. This Excel Spreadsheet is “COMPLETELY FREE”, but if you wish to donate to it that would be much appreciated.

(If you have any questions about the spreadsheet or have suggestions, please let me know.)


If you decide to join in a tournament this website will help you out. Use this website on your phone to help know what machine and position you are playing in. Once after you play in your first tournament (in approximately a week later, or once results are posted), you will get an IFPA number that will need to be entered in your profile. A few of us use this app to make personal challenges when not playing in tournaments.

IFPA Pinball Calendar

IFPA 2021 Arizona Standings (Yes this is updated ! Due to Covid ’19 they are using 2021 standings for 2023)

Jason’s National IFPA Pinball Ranking

Elaine’s National IFPA Pinball Ranking
The Professional & Amateur Pinball Association
(Read about competing in tournaments and more at this site)

Various Videos and Articles: (Some on great places, tournament play, and Womens Pinball with Belles & Chimes-Phoenix) Listen to Episode #48 Featuring Elaine Hecht

IF the file doesn’t play from this site please visit Blackbox Pinball Podcast Episode #48

Pinball is Back en Vogue & Uniting Women Everywhere!  | The List – January 10, 2020
Finding your niche in the Valley: Phoenix-area Pinball | Cronkite News –  Aug 18, 2019
Ziggy’s Pizza and Stardust Pinball Lounge in Downtown Phoenix | Fox 10 News – August 14, 2019
New York-style pizza and ‘secret’ pinball bar opens in downtown Phoenix | ABC15 Arizona – August 7,2019
Womens pinball Rising Popularity in Phoenix News Article | Phoenix New Times –  May 2, 2019
Pinball is more than just a game for some people FOX-10 News Story on Pinball in Arizona | Fox 10 News –  February 21, 2019

Reference Websites:

Pinball Prices

Pinball Parts:

Flash Games and other Web Browser Pinball Fun

Sesame Street Pinball
Play this game for free (Click Here)

(Walkthrough’s / Tournament Play / and other Goodies)

Pinball News & Podcasts:

The Pinball Network (TPN)

This Week in Pinball (TWIP)

Mappin’ Around w/ Scott & Ryan

Backbox Pinball Podcast

A weekly podcast about women in the sport and hobby of pinball. News, interviews and great conversations about our favorite thing, pinball! Hosted by Lauren Gray and a different guest host(s) each episode.

Backbox Pinball Podcast Facebook Sm

(Feel free to recommend a podcast or news page to go in this list)

Places to Visit in the USA:

Want to buy a pinball machine?
Contact Flip N Out Pinball.

The International Arcade Museum


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