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My name is Jason Hecht. I was living in Redondo Beach California.  In October 2017 I moved with Elaine Hecht to Chandler Arizona. I was born September 6 in Torrance, California. Things I like to do are: Israeli Dancing, Competitive Pinball / Playing Pinball, Computers, web site design, volunteering (when I can) and helping others + much more. I also love Israel and presenting about Israeli Music and learning with others about Israeli Music.

In the past I have helped and sometimes substitute taught at various Israeli Folk-Dancing Events. I’ve also organized Israeli dance events.

If you or your organization would like a (FREE) presentation on Israeli Music or would like a Friday night or any night Israeli dance event at your synagogue or Jewish center, please fill out the form.    

Visit the Jason & Elaine Wedding page for our wedding memories.J+E Forever

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